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Workers compensation and roofers general liability are an absolute for a legitimate business owner to protect their assets and company. Insurance will protect a company’s employees, equipment, and property, including vehicles. It will also protect against legal actions and provide for protection from the loss of revenue due to an injury.

And these are the top 5 reasons why having Insurance is essential for a roofing contractor.

  1. Employee Protection/Avoiding Penalties: Being a roofer is the fourth most dangerous job in the country, so to attract good employees they must know that they work for a company that protects them. Most states have severe penalties that penalize employers who do not have workers compensation insurance. However, in Texas you can opt out of workers compensation or non-subscribe but in most other states, including California, Arizona, Nevada and Louisiana there are severe penalties.
  2. Business/Property Asset Protection: General liability and property insurance ensures that your business is protected even during the worst accident.
  3. Homeowners Can Be Held Responsible: If an employer does not cover their employees with workers compensation insurance and the employee gets injured on the job at a person’s home, there is the potential for that employee to take legal action against the homeowner/your customer.
  4. Your Business Reputation: Roofing contractors that do not have workers compensation will not be considered legitimate. Insurance adjusters and other contractors will probably not recommend an uninsured roofer to their clients/customers.
  5. Contractor Designations: Roofing contractors who do not have insurance are often not considered for special manufacturer designations, such as a certified contractor