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Is the green movement leaving you feeling green?

Whether or not you believe in global warming, green products, or renewable resources, it is certainly a hot topic these days.  In every aspect of life we are hearing about “greener” products.  And yes, as many of you know, even roofing.  Whether it is solar panels or materials made from sustainable, renewable materials it is a very hot topic.  There are new products coming out everyday in the roofing industry that are “greener”, “green friendly”, or plain “green”.  The options are there for your clients, just make sure that you know what is best for the clients and their particular need for a “green” product.  The following article from Roofing Contractor, The Official Publication of The International Roofing Expo, written by Tim Fausch explains it better.  And remember that as with any other roofing job the right insurance is vital to protect yourself and your company.

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